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The Psychology of Handbag Carrying

The Psychology of Handbag Carrying

What Your Style Says About You!

Discover the fascinating world of handbag carrying and delve into The Psychology of Handbag Carrying of this everyday accessory.

Uncover the hidden meanings, personal expressions, and cultural influences tied to the way we carry our handbags.

Explore the relationship between handbags and individual identity, social status, and self-perception.

Gain insights into the psychological impact of handbag choices and understand how this seemingly simple accessory can reveal a wealth of information about ourselves and the society we live in.

A handbag is a significant accessory for many individuals, serving as a means to express their style and complement their outfit. 

It does not matter whether it is a high-end Birkin bag or an inexpensive flea market find, the selection process is of utmost importance, and it requires a great deal of effort. 

However, the way one chooses to carry their bag is often overlooked, despite the fact that it can reveal a great deal about their personality. 

The decision to hold the bag in hand or wear it across the shoulder can provide valuable insights into an individual’s character and habits. 

Therefore, it is essential to consider the method of carrying a handbag as an integral part of personal style and expression.

The Psychology of Handbag Carrying

In the opinion of body language expert Patti Wood, the method of carrying a handbag conveys a range of subtle messages. Wood emphasises the significance of purses, describing them as a gender indicator and a reflection of one’s status, creativity, taste, and personality. 

To gain a better understanding of yourself and your preferences, it’s important to identify which of the nine styles of carrying a handbag aligns with your personal style. 

By doing so, you can gain valuable insights into your character and habits. So, keep reading to discover the carrying style that resonates with you and what it signifies.

Read About 7 Different Styles to Carry a Handbag

1- Carrying on One Shoulder and Close to Your Body

Carrying a handbag over one shoulder and close to the body suggests that you possess practical qualities and are careful in trusting new people. 

Your focus is on productivity, and you do not waste time or money on frivolous matters. However, if you find yourself tightly gripping your bag, it may indicate a fear of new experiences or a lack of confidence in yourself. 

Being aware of this habit can provide valuable insights into your personality and help you make positive changes in your life.

2. Bag Swinging Free Over One Shoulder

How to Carry Handbag Properly

If you prefer to carry your handbag slung over one shoulder, it’s likely that you are spontaneous, carefree, and enjoy living in the moment. 

You exude confidence and self-assurance, and value freedom in your life. Your accessory choices prioritise personal style over brand names or labels. 

People know you as someone who embraces life with an open mind and a free spirit.

3. Holding In your Hand

This suggests a refined and polished quality. Individuals with this preference tend to be confident, detail-oriented, and effective in their endeavors. 

They prioritize style over convenience and seek to draw attention to themselves and their outfits.

4. Hold Bag with Both Hands in Front of Your Body

According to experts, this style can indicate shyness and a desire to protect oneself. It may also suggest a tendency to experience anxiety in social situations and a preference for avoiding the spotlight. 

This style may be particularly evident when an individual is in a new or unfamiliar environment or among unfamiliar people.

5. Cross-body Bag in Front

This style suggests a desire for freedom and easy access to personal belongings. Individuals with this preference seek to move through the world without feeling weighed down. 

This trend is particularly popular among busy city dwellers who embrace the convenience of cross body handbags.

6. Keep Your Bag in the Crook of Your Elbow

Carry tote bag

It seems that you prioritize your social status and value displaying your wealth and power, possibly through carrying expensive designer bags. 

While some might label you as “high-maintenance,” you are simply confident in your desires and stay true to them. 

This type of style is often seen among A-listers and celebrities who enjoy flaunting their large designer purses.

7. Cross-body Bag in Back

You possess a calm, composed, and trusting demeanour towards others. You do not burden yourself with excessive worries and approach life in a casual and relaxed manner. 

Your mind is focused on achieving your goals or fulfilling your sense of purpose, rather than being preoccupied with material possessions.

8. Backpack

sling women's backpacks

If you love to carry a backpack, you strive to be self-sufficient and prioritise self-care. You value freedom and preparedness for any situation in life. You are likely the most dependable member of your friend group and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You also march to the beat of your own drum and define your own sense of self-worth, rather than conforming to trends.

9. No bag 

It appears that you are a person of privilege and are accustomed to having others assist you, whether it be a family member, friend, or assistant. 

This suggests a self-assured personality, indicating that you are highly confident in your own identity and not defined by material possessions or fashion choices.

How do you carry your handbag? Share your style in the comments.

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